Tucked away in my apartment, focusing on the goodness of being sequestered, I see that choices for Parkinson’s (PD) exercise in the Bay Area have picked up expenintually in the past few weeks.

I think the acceleration in PD exercise classes got a jump-start in part, due to the allegiance of Californians who are obeying the Stay-at-Home order issued by Governor Newsom to fight the Coronavirus. Giving up exercise is not acceptable for people with Parkinson’s, so something had to be done to give people with PD a way to keep moving. Our PD exercise instructors understand our need and are responding as best they can.

The natural vehicle for instruction is Zoom. Everyone is Zooming it. In case you haven’t noticed, Zoom is a remote conferencing service, founded by Eric Yuan in 2011, and headquartered in San Jose, California. It may seem user-confusing, but if you keep at it, download the app, install it on your computer and feed it a link that you get from the class instructor, you can log on, even if you are tech-challenged.

Exercising with familiar instructors in the privacy of your own home is a huge plus for people with Parkinson’s. if you join the trend, you’ll save hours of travel time and loads of stress you’d normally experience getting to exercise classes.

One of the classes I’m taking is taught by Jennifer Broder Allex PT, DPT, NCS, a PWR! Certified Therapist for Parkinson’s Disease. Jennie@PD-Connect.org

Jennifer usually teaches a lively group in San Francisco, but due to the change in delivery, I am thrilled to be able to take her online class in Redwood City where I’m now living. The class, called My PD-Connect Exercise Class is on Tuesdays 11-12.

Jennifer is associated with PD-Connect™  a non-profit organization that serves Parkinson’s people in Marin County. PD-Connect™ represents the vision and passion of Dr. Lisa Oei, a physical therapist and Parkinson’s wellness coach. Lisa, and Communications Director and Certified Fitness Trainer SteF teach a variety of Parkinson’s classes. Contact them at info@PD-Connect.org

Before the Zoom conversion, Lisa and SteF taught PD exercise classes in the Marin County region, and Jennifer worked in San Francisco.

Now that we’re all confined to our homes, location is an issue of the past. Participants let their fingers do the walking by copy/pasting a link and a class ID into the Join a Meeting  page on Zoom.

If you want to find about classes these instructors currently offer, send them an email since things are changing with the virus, and could possibly affect their calendars!

I happened to notice that Jennifer’s last class had 44 attendees. This is testament to the popularity of a solution for everyone who wants to keep movement a part of their life!





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