If you’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, welcome to a tribe of decision makers who must make frequent decisions about their changing health problems.

A person with Parkinson’s questions could easily add a query to their daily to-do list. Should I increase my Sinemet? Should I have Deep Brain Stimulation? Should I alter my medication regime? What will the risks be? Can I handle the risk? Are my symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease? What happens if I’m also diagnosed with a non-related disease or another medical condition? Do my medications work together?

The questions, and decisions are endless. We consult our doctors, share experiences with friends who have Parkinson’s disease, and research our inquiries. The ultimate decision is up to us with doctor’s approval.

Even if the problem is not associated with Parkinson’s disease, it impacts the chronic disease. No wonder anxiety is a Parkinson’s symptom.

My doctor has named my current non-Parkinson’s problem “The Leg.” I have described it in blogs, and to any friend who hasn’t fled from listening to the tale. “The Leg” started protesting a year ago when it had to ascend stairs. Later, it put its foot down and refused to walk without bone-grinding pain. It went through countless treatments of physical therapy, MRI, sports doctor, chiropractor, injections and most recently, acupuncture. I think it is improving, but speed is necessary because other problems wait impatiently in the wings.

To reduce the stress evoked by decision making, you might want to try taking a Parkinson’s exercise class. At group exercise classes, people with a plethora of symptoms gather to give exercise their best shot. Legs may not work, hands may tremor, and bodies may appear to be set in stone. Nevertheless, group participation eases discomfort and offers a way to keep fit.

Amongst kindred spirit, one realizes that exercise is a decision easy to make.

A great exercise class:
PWR!Moves Class Series with Jennifer Broder Allex
Tuesdays 11:00 – 12:00
Harvey Milk Rec Center – 50 Scott Street
1st Floor Ballroom, San Francisco
$15 Donation
Current Series: March 19th – June 11th




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  1. True! Exercise is medicine! Imagine a pill with the same benefits😉 ….For me, I do exhaustive research followed most often with indecision overwhelm 😜

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