For the past several months, I’ve kept my head down to concentrate on a non-Parkinson’s problem, a leg that hurts when I put weight on it. So far, it doesn’t jump out to specialists as a Parkinson’s symptom. I’ve been to my movement disorder specialist, two physical therapists, a sports doctor, a chiropractor, a physiatrist, and a partridge in a pear tree looking for answers.

I’ve been tested with an x-ray, a specialized MRI (I’m not supposed to have them due to the DBS), and a lumbar steroid injection. I’ve watched the calendar, waiting for improvement.

I’m not alone amongst my Parkinson’s friends when it comes to feeling frustrated by unknown medical challenges that aren’t really Parkinson’s symptoms. “Caused by age-related wear and tear” has become an affliction slapped on many of us whether or not we like it.

At a recent Parkinson’s Women Support lunch, I immediately found a wide group of empathetic friends who are suffering like mysteries, including spinal stenosis, little toes that won’t behave, and other goodies that await us as we age.

If you’re stymied by a similar problem associated with aging, perhaps the most important solace one can offer is simply to brave through it, knowing that you’re not alone. Surely, with enough tests, each one of us will find the answer to what we’re looking for in 2019!



One thought on “Caused by Age-related Wear and Tear

  1. Thank you for sharing. I too do not know if my aches and pains are from Parkinson or just normal wear and tear.Your blogs are very enlightening.

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