It is challenging to find a healer for your Parkinson’s team who can spot pain problems, and make you feel better.

My healer is Dr. Mark W Reis, a chiropractic specialist in San Carlos, California. The last time I visited him, I hobbled into his office bent over using an umbrella as a cane for back pain. Miraculously, after the visit I walked out of his office without aids, relieved of pain, happy to be walking again.

It has been years since that visit, and I recently returned to his office, not sure that he would be able to help me. Since my last visit, I’ve had two Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgeries with wires in my neck attached to electrical devices in my chest.

Instructions in the Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation published by the Parkinson Foundation (www.parkinson.org), and distributed by Kaiser Permanente caution DBS patients that it is best to avoid neck manipulation, massage or other direct contact with the implanted devices. DBS patients need to be careful not to interfere with the position and connection of their equipment.

I entered Dr. Reis’ office doubting that he could help without endangering my DBS equipment, but he quickly set my mind to ease. Dr Reis examined my hip and leg, and followed with a gentle massage. Many of his clients testify that he is a born healer at first touch.

He identifed one area of my pain as a muscle known as the Piriformis, a muscle that presses on the sciatic nerve. A common cause of pain in that location is repetitive motion. I thought of all of the heavy grocery bags I’ve been carrying up the four flights of stairs from the garage to my condo.

He gave me some exercises, and stretches to work on. I agreed to see him in a couple of weeks.  I’ve seen Dr. Reis twice so far for this problem, and I plan to see him again. Each time, he helps alleviate pain and stiffness.

Dr. Reis graduated with honors from Palmer College Chiropractic – West Sunnyvale in 1989. Having more than 29 years of diverse experiences, especially in chiropractic, he affiliates with no hospital, and cooperates with other doctors and specialists without joining any medical groups. Call Dr. Reis at (650) 593-3500 for more information and advice or to book an appointment. His office is at 1150 White Oak Way, San Carlos, CA 94070, next to the Trader Joe’s on El Camino Real.









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