I’m word-sleuthing the title of my latest Parkinson’s petition, and I think I’ve come up with the umpteenth revision that sells the petition best:

Parkinson’s Community Asks Congress to Keep
Pre-existing Condition Protections in Health Care

“Heck yes!” my friend exclaimed when she saw the petition. “I want to keep pre-existing condition protections in my health care!”

Why are pre-existing condition protections important for health care? Imagine losing the protections before you want to change your insurance policy. As a newcomer to the new insurance plan, you might be tagged as a person with pre-existing conditions because you’re being treated for Parkinson’s.

You might be rejected from affordable health plans, or forced to pay expensive premiums because you have Parkinson’s. You could lose significant retirement savings because of the high cost of your health condition. Perhaps you won’t be able to afford a DBS surgery, or expensive medications necessary for your relief.

Signing this petition is one small way to stand up for Parkinson’s by saying to Congress “I want you to keep pre-existing condition protections in my health care.”

This petition allow you to protest with your first name, and last initial, or anonymously. Please join us. Many thanks!

Sign the petition here:



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