I read the blog Time for a Change by Women and PD Advocate Sharon Krischer, and I recognized that we share a doldrum. “Trying to keep it together has been a challenge” she wrote. I identify. It is difficult to keep on a best practices course for Parkinson’s maintenance.

We’ve both had our share of Parkinson’s progression. Sharon has been touched by the death of a close friend, and her medication no longer solves problems like it used to. I’ve made a difficult move to a new place. Months after my ordeal, stiffness, fatigue and sore joints dictate my daily regime.

Lack of activity, poor diet, and poor sleep send our mood barometers to alert warnings.

We’ve also entered bathing suit season. The thoughts of stuffing recently-gained flab into last year’s size suit are enough to make any girl scream. So here we are, and what are we going to do about it?

I’ve thought about joining a class. Rock Steady Boxing, and Dance for PD are my top exercise contenders. I can also organize a walk for friends who have walking sticks. I can modify my diet, and put quantity control brakes on my snacking. I can be mindful to take a couple of naps during the day.

I can reach out to good friends like Sharon who might be going through similar tough times. We might live in different cities but we can be with each other online and in spirit.

There’s nothing better than community support to help us feel that we’re not in this by ourselves, and that we have the camaraderie of friends around us. It surely wouldn’t hurt if we could also have a cure-all for our bathing suit blues!



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