On our way home from Moving Day San Jose, friends from Parkinson’s Women Support and I thought about the fun time we’d just had. As we capped off the event with sno-cones, we recalled our personal highlights at the fifth annual walk presented by the Parkinson’s Foundation in San Jose.


Devoted cheerleaders encouraged the walkers at Moving Day San Jose


Elaine Sulzberger and Nancy Stohn congratulate themselves on attending the walk-event

There was plenty to get excited about. When last checked, Rock Steady Fighters were pulling in $12,847 as first place fundraisers for the Parkinsons’s Foundation. Team Papa Caron was in second place with $12,170. Noelle Nelson topped individual fundraising with $10,470. and Teresa Goehner nabbed second place with $6,220. The Parkinson’s Foundation raised a grand total of $138,667 at the San Jose event thanks to the efforts of companies and individuals. Funding will help Moving Day support vital research, local Parkinson’s projects, and Parkinson’s Foundation initiatives. Yaaaa!!!


The Sno Cone truck is a must!



Elaine Sulzberger, falls prevention coach

Elaine Sulzberger, a falls prevention coach was impressed with the emergency medical technicians at Moving Day. They pointed out some things that she thinks all of us should remember if we fall.

 Advice from the Emergency Medical Technicians working at Moving Day – Fall Prevention and Falls

1. Be mindful of your surroundings.

2. Ask for help when you need it.

3. “If you fall, do not try and get up right away.  Give yourself time to recover and make sure you are not badly hurt.

4. Do not have a frail friend try and help you get up from a fall. Call for help so your friend is not injured trying to help you.

5. There is not one way to get up from a fall.  The correct way depends how the person fell, landed and the severity of any injuries.


It was a beatuiful day for a walk at the 2018 Moving Day San Jose

Spotlight on Deep Brain Stimulation

At the Medtronic booth, I enjoyed chatting with Donna Gow, DBS Therapy Sales Specialist, Northern California for Medtronic Neuromodulation/DBS Therapy Systems. She reminded me of a special free webinar spotlighting deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinsons’s disease, The ABC’s of DBS on June 26, 12 pm – 1 pm. The featured speaker is Jill L. Ostrem, MD, Professor of Neurology, Division Chief, UCSF Movement Disorder and Neuromodulation Center Weill Institute for Neurosciences, University of California San Francisco. Attendees at the Parkinson’s Women Support’s Women and PD symposium (funded by a grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Day San Francisco) may remember Dr. Ostrem, a popular speaker. This is a chance to hear more from her regarding DBS!

Register at: https://www.apdaparkinson.org/webinar/

It was also fun to see our Parkinson’s Women Support friend Lisa Garvey who worked on the Women & PD symposium committee leading her her huge team of loyal walkers.


Nancy Stohn stakes out the First Aid booth in case of emergency!

It didn’t take long for 82-year-old Nancy Stohn, to come up with her take-away “I’m in awe of how wonderful it is to have the friendship of the Parkinson’s disease support group with friends like you. I love you both.” Aww, dear Nancy. We love you too!


Three Parkinson’s Women Support pals, Elaine Sulzberger, Nancy Stohn and Darcy Blake


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