Left, Laura Boyle, Parkinson Voice Advocate, center, Darcy Blake, Parkinson’s Policy Forum advocate,  right, Samantha Elandary CEO & Founder, Parkinson Voice Project at the Parkinson’s Policy Forum in Washington DC

At the 2018 Parkinson’s Policy Forum, in Washington DC,  Samantha Elandary CEO and Founder of Parkinson Voice Project presented Get Ready to May-Me-My-Moe-Moo, a mini-lesson on how to speak with intent.

Elandary has helped people with Parkinson’s talk better using a two-part therapy approach:  individual speech therapy (SPEAK OUT!®) followed by ongoing group support (The LOUD Crowd®).  Elandary, who was born with a clef palate and struggled with her own speech difficulties as a child, found that the treatment that was helping clients with Parkinson’s speak with intent, helped her produce clearer speech as well.

Parkinson Voice Project specializes in restoring the voices of those with Parkinson’s disease. They treat patients in their clinic in Richardson, Texas, conduct research, and train speech-language pathologists throughout the world in unique therapy programs.

Parkinson Voice Project is a nonprofit organization that does not charge patients for its therapy services. Since 2008, their program has been funded entirely through donations and a Pay It Forward concept.

In a remarkable videos by Parkinson Voice Project, people who have completed a voice program called SPEAK OUT!® demonstrate their speech before, and after the program. The videos offer an uplifting example that people with Parkinson’s, and speech problems can regain some of their strength and enunciation when speaking!

Elandary’s vision is for people with Parkinson’s all over the world to have access to the two-part therapy approach. Check out Parkinson Voice Project for informative videos and other educational information.






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