When 81-year old Nancy Stohn moved into the San Francisco Towers, a senior community in San Francisco, she quickly realized that someone needed to be hosting a Parkinson’s support group. That certain someone was Nancy Stohn! A lifelong organizer, Stohn started contacting her neighbors, and soon discovered she had planned a dinner and talk for an enthusiastic, overflowing crowd of 16!

She distributed relevant Parkinson’s literature and emphasized the importance of personal support for each other at their first meeting.

She arranged a dinner and a talk for their second meeting.  I discussed deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease, and Barbara McCormick of Aqua Flex spoke about  exercise in the pool.

As Stohn plans for future get-togethers, she hopes to invite guest speakers from national non-profits and other experts in the field of Parkinson’s disease.

Stohn, a member of Parkinson’s Women Support decided to offer her new support group at the Towers to both men and women because “so many people of both gender need to open up their joints, and they need flexibility to be safe from falls. They also need to know their options in treatment for the disease.”

Stohn is especially thrilled with her success since she is a newcomer at the Towers. “People have been coming up to me with great feedback about the success of the group.”

Stohn wouldn’t have it any other way. She smiled, “Good news travels.”

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