As time goes by in the progression of Parkinson’s disease, you may realize that you’ve acquire new symptoms in addition to those you had when you were originally diagnosed with PD. The new non-movement problems beckon you to trek to a variety of specialists. Eventually, you might learn that your new symptoms are related to PD. Parkinson’s has a grip on good health!

My personal list of PD symptoms has grown with age. In addition to having the standard PD tremor, I have had an annoying runny nose (Rhinorrhea) and an equally annoying sensation of choking during lunch while dining with colleagues.

A speech therapist looked at my esophagus, and concluded it is normal. Determined to find an answer, I did some online research, and I was relieved to discover that my problem is identified by the Parkinson’s Resource Organization “Do You Have Dripping Nose Syndrome.” The article describes my problem perfectly—dripping nose, choking sensation, and difficulty with participating in social meals.

A Medscape Medical News article by Megan Brooks (June 26, 2014,) “Anticholinergic Nasal Spray Eases Rhinorrhea Parkinson’s” suggests that runny nose and choking can be related. Brooks quotes Rachana Gandhi MD from the Department of Neurology, Cleveland Clinic Florida “Eating may make it [Rhinorrhea] worse, so many patients avoid social meal and gatherings. Many of our patients as well as family members found it emotionally disturbing.”

I went to an ear/nose/throat specialist who prescribed anticholinergic nasal spray. I located another speech therapist familiar with the choking sensation. She suggested strategies of slowing down, not talking with food in my mouth.

Hankies and nasal spray aside, I’ve now been able to at least identify a symptom rarely discussed. Relief is another matter!

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2 thoughts on “Runny Nose and Choking While Dining–Unfamiliar Symptoms of PD

  1. Darcy, I knew about the choking hazards PWPs face, but have never heard about the runny nose! Thanks for the education!

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