Neurosurgeon Dr. Patrick Pezeshkian and the neurosurgery team at Kaiser Permanente Redwood City (KPRC) have updated new equipment that I tried out during my second Deep Brain Stimulation, and I’m pleased to say that it was helpful.

At the top of the “must have for DBS” list is something that looks like a padded casserole dish before it is taken out of the wrap. The cushiony purple padding provides great relief for the patient’s neck and takes the muscular strain off the neck that might be caused by the rigidity of the metal neck “cage” worn by patients to help the doctors work with surgical precision.

Having experienced DBS surgery without the purple cushion, and now with the padding, I’d like to give the padding a high five! It wraps around the neck like a glove! Thank you Dr. Pezeshkian and KPRC for helping patients avoid neck strain!

8 thoughts on “Kaiser Guards Neck for DBS Surgery 

  1. RE: Padding for DBS:

    For all those of you who wear a bra, I would suggest getting a bra for after DBS that has wide straps and that doesn’t dig into the skin and can hold the breast firmly in place. An alternative to this would be purchasing strap covers for the bra. Without these products, the weight of the breast pulls down, and it hurts where the battery is placed. These items are usually available in lingerie stores.

    PS I had my DBS in May of 2005 KP Hospital in Sacramento.

  2. My specialist has put me forward to have dbs not sure I want it done it looks so scary I done nowt but ry trying to make up my mind I am 70years young I live in Spain please help me make up my mind x

  3. I have the deep brain stimulator for almost 3 years now and need to replace the battery, would like to know if anyone have the rechargeable battery and how it works for them. And would they prefer the rechargeable or the non-rechargeble. Please help

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