The National Parkinson Foundation celebrated Moving Day San Francisco on May 7. The event was the third annual fundraising walk/run event in San Francisco organized by the National Parkinson Foundation. The event featured a walk course, and exercise proven to help manage the symptoms of PD.


Kaiser Permanente NeuroSurgery at Moving Day, San Francisco

I attended the walk in honor of the Kaiser Permanente Redwood City (KPRC) NeuroSurgery group who recently took care of me in Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. Some of the KPRC group (pictured above) include Dr. Mark Sedrak, Redwood City neurosurgeon, Dr. Sirisha Nandipati, San Rafael Movement Disorder specialist, Dr. Rima Ash, San Francisco Movement Disorder specialist, me (Darcy Blake), Erin Crawford, San Leandro nurse practitioner  Diana Bruce, and Ivan Bernstein, RC physician assistants, and Sid Srivastava, Redwood City bio engineer.


Entertainment included a dancing clown on stilts

If you didn’t get to Moving Day SF, try attending in San Jose on Saturday, June 3.

Location: Evergreen Valley College, Lot 9

Address: 3005 Yerba Buena Rd., San Jose, CA 95135

Register/Check-In: 8:
45 AM

Walk Start Time: 10:30 AM

Route Length: 1 mile / 3 mile

Participants can also opt to move with us as exercise classes continue in the Movement Pavilion during the walk portion.


Steven Russell, National Parkinson Foundation Bay Area Program and Community Outreach Coordinator and Colleen Fisher, Moving Day ® Bay Area Coordinator

Contact: Colleen Fischer, Moving Day® Bay Area Coordinator (cfischer@parkinson.org)

For more information call: 925-421-6737 or 832-489-4500

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