Dr. Eric Sabelman, bioengineer and supervisor of my x-rays at Kiaser Permanente Redwood City discussed an x-ray image after Deep Brain Stimulation, “When DBS began, surgeons used to wind excess wires in tidy circles under the scalp. Then they discovered that when neatly looped in patients’ heads, the wires can act like antennas and pick up unwanted signals. Not wishing our patients to become walking receivers, we now just stuff the wires randomly under the skin. Not tidy, but works fine.”


Dr. Eric Sabelman, bioengineer and Neurosurgery team member at  Kaiser Permanente Redwood City  with x-ray images from my Deep Brain Stimulation.



2 thoughts on “DBS Creates Unique Post Surgery X-ray

  1. I have a DBS device for almost 3 years now and need to replace the neorostimulator’s battery, would like to know from anyone that has the rechargeable stimulator of their experience with it and if they would prefer the rechargeable one or the non-rechargeble. Regards

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