Norwegian photographer and person with Parkinson’s Anders Leines brought heart and soul to the 2016 World Parkinson Congress with his exhibit in the WPC Art Walk. Titled This is Parkinson’s, the enormous group photos (shown above and below) were printed on fabric and displayed on a large curved framework that mimicked the curved architecture of the room. On the reverse side were individual photos with stories.


Upstairs from the Quilt exhibit at WPC 2016, This is Parkinson’s commanded the space and drew people in with its focus on young individuals living with PD. However, the show did not stop with this exhibit.


PD attendee and advocate Clara Kluge wanted to see a group shot of WPC 2016 people who meshed together with the people in This is Parkinson’s. She asked Leines if he’d photograph the assemblage and he consented. In less than an hour, after scampering like a raccoon throughout the conference building, she summoned a large group to gather at the exhibit, and here are the results.

The photo shoot was a fitting cap to an amazing event. That’s Leines in the front, leading the group on one hand! Kluge is in the blue sweater to the left of Leines giving a number one signal. The photos below are by Leines, except for the ones with him in it!




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