Elaine, our gourmet cooking friend prepared a great lunch for the twenty or so of us who attended our monthly luncheon in Palo Alto. There was no dallying because Susan Foster, Ann Boylan and I had a lot to report. Ann gave an overview of the great friendships and informative seminars we experienced at the Women & PD Conference presented by Parkinson Disease Foundation. I discussed some thoughts on expanding our individual story telling so that women all across the country could benefit by reading stories about women with PD. We talked about organizing some panels of local experts who could speak specifically about women & PD. Susan suggested that everyone make their best effort to get involved in clinical trials at the Parkinson’s Institute. She also encouraged everyone to share their thoughts with the FDA on unmet needs of people with Parkinson’s through a survey mentioned on the PDF website. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Q25Q78P?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=general 

Nancy, our cultural organizer reminded us that Stanford is about to open their new hospital with 21 flavors of neurology. Sounds like there might have to be a field trip for that one!

As a result of our discussion, we’re going to put together some ideas for our group to decide on how we might make the most difference for women with PD. There’s a lot to do in the world of PD, and we’re so fortunate to have a great group of women who support each other and lend a hand to those who need some camaraderie to get them through their day. Meanwhile, please drop us a note if there’s an issue that you think is at the top of the list. Nothing is more powerful than a consensus!

About Parkinson’s Women Support: The mission of Parkinson’s Women Support is to offer moral support, encouragement and camaraderie for women who are Parkinson’s Disease patients. Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/parkinsonswomen

One thought on “Parkinson’s Women Support Rally

  1. Hi Everyone, Robert Baittie’s book Tremors in the Universe can be purchased at http://www.tremorsintheuniverse.com, when you go to check out type the code PAWS25 to receive the 25% discount. Robert has agreed to come speak. My idea would be to combine some other women’s group and maybe use the room at the Parkinson’s Institute. I see Dr. Dahall on the 29th for the trial, thought I might talk to him. I was told yesterday that I will be a part of the group taking the inhale levo-depo. Just another part of this journey with PD. Lunch was wonderful yesterday and I was so impressed with this group of strong women, you are all my heros. Here’s to a wonderful day, Tina

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