When I looked at the hours of raw video footage that Doug Peck Photography shot at the Moving Day Silicon Valley 2015 walk, I wondered how to reduce the half-day event with 475 participants into a few minutes of film that would give the gist of the beautiful experience that we had. The juxtaposition of tai chi exercise, balance exercises, Zumba, the Praise for Parkinson’s Pioneers, and the walk began to take shape on the storyboard.

Instead of using Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars (the Zumba music) which we didn’t have permission to use as a soundtrack, Happy People by Lele Rambelli gave the upbeat funky tempo that perfectly matched the Zumba moves and even gave a counterpoint to Tai Chi. It also gave a fun beat to the streaming shot of the walkers as they began the walk.

We didn’t have time to show all of the Movement Pavilion exercises such as boxing, PRMoves, hula, pole-walking, Pilates, and I do hope those instructors will understand that their efforts were deeply appreciated even if they weren’t captured in this film. Although not all of the participants in the event were in the film, thank you to the many walking teams, Parkinson’s Pioneers, and people who made the event special. That includes the dogs! Click on the photo and have a look!

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