Megan DePuy

Megan DePuy MS, MBA/HCM, CCC-SLP speech-language therapist

February 12, 2015 | by Darcy Blake  “When people with Parkinson’s Disease realize they have the power to improve their speech, swallow, and language function, there is an “ah ha” moment and progress begins immediately,” said Megan Depuy, Speech, Language and Swallowing Therapist.

Megan’s passion for providing unique and individualized speech, language and swallowing therapy led her to open her own practice after working for 11 years as a therapist in acute care; acute rehab; skilled nursing; adult day care; pediatric outpatient; and adult neurorehabilitation outpatient settings. In addition to working in her own practice, she is the lead Outpatient Speech Language Pathologist for the Neurorehabilitation program at Stanford University Hospital.

Megan enjoys working with Stroke, MS, ALS, and TBI patients but she admits a particular affinity for Parkinson’s Disease patients. “The distinction between Parkinson’s and other disorders is that most Parkinson’s patients have hurdles to overcome but they often have the tools and the time that they need to improve. I love to see the results of the therapy help people to manage the symptoms of this disease.”

Megan’s work in the neurosciences started 14 years ago when she was a student researcher at the Harold Goodglass Aphasia Research Center in Boston MA. Her work at the research center sparked a passion for working with Neurology “Neuro” patients. Prior to working at Stanford, she worked for 7 years at Mills-Peninsula Health Services in San Mateo and Burlingame treating and evaluating both pediatric and adult patients.

On her website, she describes herself as “a private speech-language therapist whose practice was born out of passion for the art of Neurorehabilitation and speech-language development.”

Her services include:

  • Speech treatments and assessments.
  • Language treatments and assessments.
  • Swallowing treatments and assessments.
  • Teletherapy sessions including LSVT via Teletherapy.
  • Voice treatments and assessments for adult patients, including LSVT evaluations and treatments.
  • Accent Modification/Reduction

Testimonials about her glow with praise including: “She had a way of connecting to each and every patient regardless of age or diagnosis” | “She constantly strives to make the therapy experience unique for each and every patient.” | “To say that we think she’s amazing would be an understatement. Our lives are enriched by knowing Megan and we absolutely adore her.”

For more information about Megan, email her at Megandspeech@gmail.com


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