January 30, 2015 | by Darcy Blake | How did I get to be Moving Day® Silicon Valley Walk Chair? To be honest, it was like a slow moving volcanic eruption that—just like Parkinson’s Disease—unhurriedly approached me. I was doing my “stand up for Parkinson’s Disease” work, volunteering in any way I could. I was feeling thankful because Deep Brain Stimulation gave me back my life thanks to Dr. Mark Sedrak at Kaiser Permanente Redwood City and my movement specialist Dr. Rima Ash at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco. Before I knew it, with heels dug in, I was in full throttle to help to launch Moving Day ® Silicon Valley.

As the most important things evolve in life, it began with a team effort. Barb Rosenthal, a friend of mine had returned psyched from Moving Day ® Chicago. She was spilling over with exuberance because of the boost she felt while attending a fundraising walk event created by the National Parkinson Foundation. After her intense gushing, she passed along an email to me from Kayln Henkel, National Manager of Signature Events, at the National Parkinson Foundation mentioning that they wanted to bring their Moving Day event to the Bay Area.

“Looks like the first Moving Day meeting will be on Dec 12th. I will forward info as I get it, unless you want to contact Kayln directly,” she chirped. “Why not,” I thought. Just go straight to the source.” I emailed Kayln.

Barb had set up a connection that grabbed at my heartstrings, and soon I was offering Kayln a room for a meeting with coffee and tea service, plus a list of every VIP Parkinson person I thought I could rally for a morning meeting.

From there, Kayln enlisted the group to find a location for a Moving Day® walk, and Arena Green East in San Jose was chosen as the location for the event. This was followed by the hire of Colleen Fischer who joined the NPF team as a Bay Area Coordinator in May 2014. “She comes to us with a vast non-profit and walk fundraising background and I know she will be an amazing asset!” said Kayln.

As to be expected from the National Parkinson Foundation, Colleen is the ultimate in team-building, spirit-lifting charisma, and all-round trailblazing leader. She’s the kind of partner you’ll go the extra mile for because you know you can always count on her.

The rest is for another story, but needless to say, we’re doing it. With three months until the event, my team of over 21, the Parkinson’s Women Support has already met its goal of raising a $7,500 donation to the National Parkinson Foundation.

At the event, we are going to present the most awesome array of exercises that will help you feel better if you have this terrible disease. The exercises will be taught by top people in their profession, and they represent a celebration of the hope and the movement that is possible when you have PD.

If you really want to feel a connection in the world, particularly when you’re feeling challenged by Parkinson’s Disease, I strongly urge you to attend the event at Moving Day® Silicon Valley. It could be the most uplifting thing you’ve ever experienced, and it will benefit National Parkinson Foundation, an organization that seeks to better the whole dynamic of what it is like to live with Parkinson’s Disease. Please join us so we can change the world together. Register: www.movingdaysiliconvalley.org.

About Parkinson’s Women Support  The  mission of Parkinson’s Women Support is to offer moral support, encouragement and camaraderie for women who are Parkinson’s Disease patients. Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/parkinsonswomen

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