Dr. Angela Anagnos

January 14, 2015 | by Darcy Blake | If you have excessive daytime sleepiness, excessive daytime fatigue, headaches, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, or other sleep related problems, you may benefit from Sleep Medicine and Neurology, an in-lab diagnostic and treatment sleep clinic.

Under the medical expertise of Dr. Angela Anagnos, the clinic evaluates and treat all sleep disorders in a state-of-the art 6-bed medical sleep office in San Jose, CA near Santana Row. The clinic focuses on the diagnosis, testing and management of sleep disorders as well as various neurological conditions.

All sleep study tests are conducted by screened and skilled technologists in a clean and attractive environment with unique accommodations including a private restroom in every testing suite. Sleep Medicine and Neurology is a physician run center, therefore Dr. Anagnos personally reviews each sleep study.

Clients sleep on Select Comfort Sleep Number beds with hypoallergenic latex memory foam mattresses, 400 thread count sheets, and plush pillows. A handicap accessible room with an adjustable bed is available with a private, handicap accessible bathroom.

Dr. Anagnos is a Board Certified Neurologist, specializing in Sleep Medicine and Neurology. 
She graduated from Ohio State University College of Medicine with her MD degree in 1992. She completed her Residency in Neurology at Case Western Reserve, University Hospitals of Cleveland in 1996.
A fellowship in Neurophysiology and Nerve and Muscle Disorders brought her to Stanford University 1996-1999, where she completed a 2-year NIH sponsored Fellowship in Sleep Medicine. During her time at Stanford, she also authored chapters in leading textbooks in the field of Sleep Medicine and Neurology.

Dr. Anagnos has been treating patients in her practice since 1998 and in her current location for four years. Her main focus and interest is in all parameters of sleep disorders including restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disorders, nocturnal seizure disorders, and sleep walking. She also treats patients with nerve and muscle disorders and conducts Nerve Conduction Studies and EMG’s.

Dr. Melanie Brandabur describes Dr. Anagnos as, “One of the best sleep specialist in Northern CA who cares for lots and lots of PD patients. She is “Worth the drive!”

For more information, contact Sleep Medicine and Neurology at their office near Santana Row, 361 S. Monroe Street, Suite #30
, San Jose, CA 95128, T: 408-247-5337 

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