January 3, 2015 | by Darcy Blake | Hello mammo! I was scared despite checking with my doctors who assured me that a routinue mammogram would be safe after my surgery over a year ago. I had Deep Brain Stimulation to treat my Parkinson’s Disease tremor, and I was worried and more apprehensive than I had been going through the security X-ray machine at the airport. When you have Deep Brain Stimulation, and your life is tied to electrical impulse, the thought of having your tremor control messed up by self-inflicted electrical misuse is beyond anything you want to experience. After internet reading (bound to have you confused) and doctor questioning, I decided to go for it. Prior to getting into my hospital gown for the test, I confessed my mental status to the nurse, who said she was worried too, after listening to me. We bravely embarked on a careful mammo checkup free of glitches. Not only did I live, but I was tagged with the neatest mammo bling ever! DBS fashion industry, here I come!

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