Darcy Blake and Elaine Sulzberger compare t-shirt brands as they prepare for Moving Day@ Silicon Valley.

Darcy Blake and Elaine Sulzberger compare t-shirt brands as they prepare to order team outfits for Moving Day@ Silicon Valley. Darcy is in Hane’s Nano and Elaine is in Bella.

November 22, 2014 | by Darcy Blake | The musical lyric, “I’ll stand by you,” is also a powerful expression for someone who has Parkinson’s disease. The inability to move freely, and fear of balance weigh heavily on them, as if to compose the bass in the music of life.

Family can turn your bad day into a blissful experience, just by being together. The family doesn’t even have to be related by DNA. You might find comfort in friends who want and accept you in their lives, even if you are slow or shaky. Those are the people who can sooth your worries, help you laugh, and give you helpful encouragement to clear your troubles.

Rather than waiting for moments to stir your soul, and lift your heart, you can orchestra good feeling in your life. Consider an event that will be spontaneous, full of love, and it will represent something even greater—support for the PD community.

Imagine you and your family walking or riding (if your mobility requires it) with scores of others who have movement issues similar to yours. It is a moment where kinship can unite us all, in spite of our movement differences, by raising awareness about this chronic condition. There might be tears, but they will be the tears of joy evoked by solidarity for a like cause. There will be photos and video to send home if you’re walking on behalf of others, or to honor grandma and grandpa.

The National Parkinson Foundation is having an annual fundraising walk/run event called Moving Day®. It is a fun and inspiring event that unites families, friends and communities both large and small in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. At Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco on April 19, and at Arena Green in San Jose on April 25, this celebration of movement will feature a family friendly walk course, a kids area, a special Movement Pavilion featuring yoga, dance, Tai Chi, Pilates, etc. all proven to help manage the symptoms of PD.

There is much more to tell you about this event, but for now, just think about gathering your family. Ask them to move with you on Moving Day. Form a team and watch it grown on the NPF website, and walk together with us!

Register for Moving Day: http://www3.parkinson.org/site/TR?company_id=5360&fr_id=1910&pg=company

About Parkinson’s Women Support  The  mission of Parkinson’s Women Support is to offer moral support, encouragement and camaraderie for women who are Parkinson’s Disease patients. Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/parkinsonswomen




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