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October 8, 2014 | by Darcy Blake | Kaiser Permanente made a video about my Deep Brain Stimulation for their Care Stories web page titled High-Tech Brain Surgery Restores Darcy Blake’s Quality of Life. In it, there’s a presentation by my talented neurosurgeon, Dr. Mark Sendrak who did the most stellar job on my DBS surgery last summer. There’s an excerpt of the video I made for the Neuro Film Festival titled Before and After DBS. The video ends with a travelogue of my trip to Sicily last summer. In short, a full package on the glorious results of successful DBS surgery for Parkinson’s Disease. I’m eternally grateful for the first rate care I received at Kaiser Permanente!


3 thoughts on “Kaiser Permanente Redwood City Produces a video on High-Tech Brain Surgery

  1. Hey Darcy! Once again you inspire and delight me…I adore your latest video. So awesome that we have such a cool chick like you representing us! As I watched the Kaiser video, I was reminded of how truly beautiful you are inside and out. 🙂 Love you endlessly! Cindy Cindy DeLuzmixed-media artist art that makes the heART smile http://www.cindydeluz.vpweb.com

  2. Ditto on Barb and Cindy’s comments. You are an amazing role model. Loved the video and the pics from Italy!

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