Instructors Shannon Shearn and Kathy Buck Thomson at Revitalize Integrated Body Systems (RIBS) in Redwood City offer a dynamite PWR!Moves™ Circuit Class to people with Parkinson’s Disease.

July 22, 2014 | by Darcy Blake | Just back from exercise heaven! Here’s a shout from the rooftop to all you who thought there is no exercise for people with Parkinson’s Disease in the Bay Area. Think again. Founded on this day, there is a fantastic exercise program.

Thanks to an introduction by our Parkinson’s Women’s Support friend, Pilates instructor Chrystal Kafka, six lucky people enrolled in the trial class, PWR!Moves™ Circuit Class at RIBS. The class was conceived by Revitalize Integrated Body Systems (RIBS) instructors, Shannon Shearn and Kathy Buck Thomson in Menlo Park. It incorporates Dr. Becky Farely’s PWR! Exercise 4Brain Change approach in an eight-week series!

The six “students” who tried the class all signed-up, ready to go twice a week for 8 weeks because it was so darned good.

The instructors, Shannon Shearn and Kathy Thomson are like dream-come-true instructors. Each of them is incredibly trained and gifted.

Shannon Shearn
Shannon worked as a circus acrobat for seven years. She began working as a personal trainer upon retiring from the circus. She specializes in rehabilitative exercise, postural correction, pre-and post-natal fitness and weight loss. But her true gift for us is her understanding and her spirit for clients with PD. She gets what we need with an exuberant and positive attitude. In addition to instructing at RIBS, she also teaches exercise for PD people at the YMCA. The class at RIBS is special though, because of the small class size that lends itself so well to personalization for each client.

Kathy Buck Thomson
Kathy Thomson began her career as a dancer for Martha Graham. She has been a Pilates instructor for over 20 years and received her first Pilates certification from master teacher, Carol Appel in San Francisco and became a member of the PMA. Kathy knows what a person with PD needs in exercise. Her knowledge of the disease—her husband has PD—is astounding, and makes you feel like you are working with a true master of exercise.

The class is perfect. You can do it, and yet it is challenging enough to let you imagine that if you do it for eight weeks, you’ll be in a different state of fitness. You get a really nice final stretch at the end of the class that reminds you that all of this extra stretching is so very good for your parts that never get a chance to stretch it out.

Client Endorsements

“It was a great opportunity for me to do something for my own well-being,” said our Parkinson’s Women’s Support founding member and friend, Resa.

“The ball that we used today really helped me to focus,” said our Parkinson’s Women’s Support friend Marla.

Chrystal, who introduced the class to Parkinson’s Women Support said “Kathy is a brilliant Pilates instructor (30 years) and Shannon is an equally brilliant Personal Trainer. Both have experience with PWPs and are newly minted PWR! Training experts.”

Chrystal was right! The six of us today are very lucky indeed. We strongly urge you to contact RIBS to see if you can join our bunch. You will be putting your best foot forward in the PWR!Moves™ Circuit Class at RIBS!

Space is limited, please call to get a space! (650) 323-7427

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