May 20, 2014 | by Darcy Blake and Barbara (BFR) | Wonder what our luncheon was like today? Due to the size of our crowd, we now occasionally split into two tables of ten when a banquet table isn’t available.

I sat by one of our founding members, Resa, and of course, we had to review our DBS, since we have both had it. Resa had hers 6 years ago and mine was 9 months ago, so I love to hear about her years of experience. She is excellent! Still no tremor in her hand! She just finished pharmacy school and two internships!

On my other side was Ann, an “Exercise as Medicine” attendee and one of our blog contributors. She wanted to know what’s up with the progress of our local trainers and therapists after completing Becky Farley’s training. Note to self, contact PWR! for an update! Our group is ready to move!

Across the table, we had Traveling Nancy. No doubt, you’ve heard me mention Culture Queen Nancy and Alternative Nancy in previous blogs. Traveling Nancy and I discovered that we’re both going to Sicily this summer! Who knew?! Of course, we had to review our walking preparation, our mobility concerns about trekking all over Sicily, not that we will give in to our lazy legs! Oh yes, and we discussed how to pack lightly. Two pairs of shoes, one skirt, and the rest is in the details!

 Danuta, who sat across from me, whipped out of her purse a page of notes by author and PWP John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars who recommends a regime of supplements if you’ve got PD. You can see the video here, titled “How I Reversed My Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms.” http://www.marsvenus.com/blog/john-gray/how-i-reversed-my-parkinsons-disease-symptoms Danuta was hoping she could find one of us who had tried the supplements, but none of us had.  However, it is always interesting to hear about new ideas for dealing with PD, and I love that she thought to bring in her research to the luncheon.

Traveling Nancy quickly opened up her wallet, where she had her own folded paper – 8 Meds Never to Take if You Have PD, one of my own blogs that I posted right after my DBS in 2013! I was so proud to learn that she carries it with her at all times! That made my day! Ivan Bernstein, in Functional Neurosurgery at Kaiser Permanente/Redwood City would love it too, since he gave me the list.

Next to Danuta, was Paige, a new member I hadn’t met before. She was new to many of us, and we were all delighted to meet her. We caught up on her introduction to Parkinson’s Disease, and we hope to get to know her better at future luncheons.

CiCi was sitting next to Paige, and even though I know her, we were all so busy babbling, the only thing I heard her say was that she is tall, so she will have to fill me in on the long and short of it!

Ruth sat next to CiCi, and she was also new at the luncheon. Then there was Cultural Queen Nancy, whom I did not even get to ask about plans for our next museum outing! Marla sat next to Nancy.

Joan was sitting at the other table, sporting a cute new hairdo. Barb was there too, and being a sweetheart, she sent me the scoop from the other table! Barb, Joan, and Susan, discussed their upcoming Becky Farley PWR week experience in Scottsdale. Those who had already had the pleasure of going to the workshop shared tips and what to expect.

Barb said, “As a group, we talked about what triggered our tremors (stress and cold) and discovered that all of us were right-handed with left-side dominant tremors.

There was the usual talk about supplements and meds, as well as the benefits of Tai Chi, Ai Chi, and Qi Dong (is that how one spells it?) I think I heard one of us say that she was going to be teaching a Qi Dong class.

Susan shared that Becky won’t be offering her workshop in the Bay Area in the Fall. A longer time line will be needed to get things set up.

We also waxed philosophical. Susan copied down a wonderful quote that one of us found in More than a Mountain –a book about people with MS and Parkinson’s climbing Kilimanjaro, learning about giving up the life you planned for the life that awaits you. “We must let go of the life we planned to lead in order to live the life that is waiting for us.” I could go on, graduations, grandchildren, kidney stones, Jesus…”

That Barb, what would we do without her! Susan thought you’d like to  know that “Barb R is taking calligraphy and gave each of us a note pad with this saying around the border of each page, “A Parkinson’s Princess never falls, she merely bestows hugs upon floors!”

Susan visited our table with some flyers about a must-see film, Ride with Larry, official selection at the San Francisco Documentary Festival! There’s a screening on Saturday, June 7 at the Roxie Theatre! The film is about Larry’s 300 mile ride against Parkinson’s. http://www.roxie.com/ai1ec_event/docfest-ride-larry/
Believe it or not, it was time to pay the bill and hour and a half had vanished.

The special dish of the day was rainbow trout, and quite a few plates of it were ordered at our table. Deelish! Won’t you join us next month?

About Parkinson’s Women Support

The  mission of Parkinson’s Women Support is to offer moral support, encouragement and camaraderie for women who are either Parkinson’s Disease patients or caregivers. Check out our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/parkinsonswomen


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