Feb 13, 2014 | by Darcy Blake | Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that when I’ve had to move locations for work and life changes, there’s a period of mourning after you move vis-à-vis what you had in the old place that you’ve now lost in the new place. Maybe you miss the cozy den, the fun neighborhood, or the way the light streams into the room.

After a bit of time in the new place, you begin to realize that there’s something special about the new environment too. It may be different, but it is nonetheless pleasing. Maybe you lost a sea view, but now you have an easy walk in a beautiful neighborhood.

Now that you have Parkinson’s Disease, its time to make your house your home. No, this is not about making your home fall-proof and mobility-easy. We’re talking about how you’ve come to terms with your new house guest, Parkinson’s Disease. Your foundation may seem literally perilous, and you certainly aren’t the young self you used to be, so what do you have?

Chances are you’ve already started doing the things that will bring you fulfillment now that you have PD. If you look at the Parkinson’s Women Support group for example, there are so many exemplary women, one doesn’t know where to start.

There’s Elaine who volunteered her financial acumen and her entire family to cook for a fundraiser that earned thousands of dollars for the Parkinson’s Institute. There is Joan Lopez who knit 30 scarves to sell at the Holiday Bazaar for the Parkinson’s Institute. There’s Nancy Stohn, our culture queen who sets up our Parkinson’s Women Support trips to the Asian Art Museum, the Cantor Museum and more. 

There’s Alternative Nancy Neff, who devotes her time to informing us about well-being modes of dealing with PD. There’s Barb Rosenthal who is like a PD scout. She scoots around the country checking out yoga sessions, and PD events that we’d love get involved in, while becoming the PD information guide for the Monterey Bay area. We can’t forget Lynn Fielder who crafted a beautiful necklace straight from her wheelchair for the fundraiser. Then there is Sondra Erickson, Lynn’s mom, who sends us all the latest pertinent info on PD advocacy for our Facebook page.

Who can leave out Susan Foster, who for nearly six years now, has selflessly made reservations for a couple of dozen women on a monthly basis for our luncheons. Let’s add Alice Lassiter-Thorn who sewed over 30 handcrafted nametags made of felt and ribbon for our luncheons, and drove all the way from Lake Tahoe to deliver them to us.  All of these women are like little worker bees doing their bit, never expecting fanfare or acknowledgement.

This is what happens when you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. You’re thankful from the bottom of your heart that you can do your part. Quickly, you to get so attached to the women and their efforts to help those with Parkinson’s Disease, that—wham—you are hooked on their kindness and love. Then you’re so busy hanging out with them, you can barely remember to take your meds.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering about your special contribution, here’s something that is a no-brainer for someone who is trying to hold on to their brain. For this idea, you will get Michael J. Fox’s top priority admiration.  You just go to https://foxtrialfinder.michaeljfox.org and follow the lead on clinical support. They will suggest what kind of trials you can participate in. You’ll be accelerating the Parkinson’s drug development process. This is the king of PD helpfulness! Ask any doctor or researcher and they will agree that clinical trials are what we need most. You’ll become a saint and your house will be a home you never dreamed would be so inviting!

And soon, you’ll be lunching with Charlie Lefebvre who offered her inviting home in Tahoe as a silent auction item at the Holiday Bazaar. And then there is Genia, who hosted a pack of us for a day to learn Qijong, and  Ceci who never gives up, and Joanne whose faithful thoughtfulness is always with us, and Marlene McNew who is plain nice, and Laura Pierce who is love personified, and Resa King who is a loyal old friend, and…

About Parkinson’s Women Support
The  mission of Parkinson’s Women Support is to offer moral support, encouragement and camaraderie for women who are either Parkinson’s Disease patients or caregivers. Check out our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/parkinsonswomen

4 thoughts on “Make Your House Your Home

  1. You’re right! I’ve only been able to attend one luncheon so far due to many family issues, but Dr. B recommended the group to me because it is a group of “do-ers”….my words, but high energy women who hate the diagnosis but are not taking it sitting down….the whole point of a support group! I decided to travel all the way from Nevada, where I live, to see for myself. And it was so good to sit across the table from others going through the same, others who can’t sleep either, others who feel what stress does to their bodies, and have learned tricks “of the trade”, how best they deal with their illnesses. If we all contribute in some way to this group….imagine what we can do for each other, and to possibly thwarting this disease through integration with foundations such as MJ Fox.

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