It may seem crazy, but Parkinson’s disease has actually been a huge gift. You’re probably thinking I’m completely nuts. Who wants to suffer from internal and motor movement problems, managed only by medications or a wires and apparatus in our skulls?

But without PD, I wouldn’t have helped to grow a support network for women who are dealing with the dreaded PD. I wouldn’t have had the chance to experience and share the tale of the miracle of DBS by the gifted surgeon Mark Sedrak at Kaiser Permanente, Redwood City.

These things are really more important than anything else I could possibly do in life, and to leave as my legacy.

My PD friend Cindy DeLuz puts it like this: “I think the most poignant gift I’ve been given is a soul awakening. It sounds corny, but like the beloved character in E.T., my heartlight began to glow. Simply put, I discovered a connection with higher spirit; my life suddenly began to hold more meaning. I actually began to feel as if I was a co-planner with the Divine. My internal volume went from a low six to a full-blown ten. I began to understand that the key to moving through the challenge was to face the fear itself.”

Jan Holland-Hill, another Parkinson Women Support friend of ours says, “No one wishes for a disease like Parkinson’s…..but I have gained such gifts from it. Most of all, I am now trying to live life without the burden of fear. Because…life is short, for all of us. What power that unleashes! No longer afraid…to voice my opinion, speak in public, or to just tell someone they’re wonderful.”

Leslie Davidson, a fellow PD friend says, “If someone offered to take away the PD but also all the astonishingly beautiful growth and connections I have made because of it, I would have a very difficult choice to make.”

I’ll bet if you look around, any of us with PD is on that full-blown ten. We are out to change any aspect of life that can be changed to help people with Parkinson’s disease.  This is a miraculous thing. This is our purpose in life and our golden hour to give, and through that, we are blessed with the knowledge of the goodness of life.

About Parkinson’s Women Support
The  mission of Parkinson’s Women Support is to offer moral support, encouragement and camaraderie for women who are either Parkinson’s Disease patients or caregivers. Check out our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/parkinsonswomen

5 thoughts on “The Full Blown Ten

  1. Eloquent words from an eloquent soul….you my dearest Darcy are the epitome of grace. Thank you for continuing to amaze and delight us all. Together the PD Princesses have woven an intricate and beautiful tapestry. I’m so very proud of our tribe! 👏

  2. Darcy, almost anyone can identify with this article in some fashion, so let’s hope your readers accept their gift and transform a negative into a positive!

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