1654447_10202384726492549_2083349648_nFeb 11, 2014 | by Cindy DeLuz | Cindy has been kind enough to write another article that relates to the one she wrote for us a couple days ago. Just had to publish it. This one is also a wowser! ~ Darcy Blake

Walkin the Path

Fortunately most of us are blessed with solid support systems who love us dearly, however there’s something extra special about having a friend who’s walking the same path. Fellow PD travelers “get it” a bit differently than family and friends do. We instinctively understand that some days feel like a rugged climb to Camp 5 on Mt. Everest. We know that applying eyeliner, threading a needle, and even emptying the dishwasher can feel like a gold medal accomplishment. We understand the fear we feel when seeing someone with a more advanced case of PD. We’re told not to compare apples and oranges, but somehow we can’t help ourselves. The secret fear that lurks within is something we seldom share with others. Our worst fear is thinking we might have to eventually depend on others. We don’t want our options taken away…dammit. These crazy-making fears can literally overwhelm us if we let them, however I refuse to give in to the unknown. When I get monkey mind I remember the wise words of Michael J. Fox: “There’s no point in worrying because if something bad does happen, then you’ve lived it twice.” Gotta love our Mike!

The Big Ten

Here are ten tips that have helped me cope and thrive the past seven years:

  1. First and foremost….get outta bed, that’s always a good start!
  2. Surround Yourself With Music. I’m partial to soul and R&B….Pandora is a God-send.
  3. Move!!! Dr. B would get on my case every time I sat across from her at the PI. She would tell me in no uncertain terms to move my ass! Come to find out she was right…exercise really does help! Gotta love our Dr. B! It took me a couple years to finally find my passion, who knew pretending to be a camel in a 105 degree room would win my heart! Bikram yoga has changed my life in many ways….mentally, physically, and spiritually. Yes, it’s a bit extreme, but for some reason it floats my off-balance boat.
  4. Stay in the Moment. Forget yesterday…it’s gone. Forget tomorrow…it will be different then you think anyhow.
  5. Help Others. Volunteer, be a voice, share your story, and lend a hand. Healing comes when we lift others to higher ground.
  6. Trust the Journey. Know that everything has a reason. We were handed this particular challenge for reasons we have yet to understand. Don’t worry, we will.
  7. Get Creative. I started with painting rocks from my yard! Who knew a rock would lead to a brand new career. Doesn’t matter if you scribble in your grand-kid’s coloring book or splash oils on a fancy canvas….bottom line is, tap into your inner Picasso. Let go of the old false tape that says you’re not an artist, trust me you are! Express yourself through paint, clay, beads, fabric, writing, music, dance, whatever calls to you. I’m a firm believer in the healing power of art.
  8. Get Outside. Answer nature’s call! Fresh air, tall trees, and water work as good as Lexapro, and it’s free!
  9. Spend Time with Animals. I’m convinced animals are actually the higher species. Stroke, hold, carouse, and cuddle furry animals. I guarantee your mood will lift.
  10. I’ve saved the best for last, you might even want to write this down: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Yep, that notorious four-letter word is pure magic. Let go of grudges, the need to be right, and the urge to get there first. It’s so much more fun to let LOVE fly and watch it come back to you two-fold! Now, that’s what I call a real win-win.

With a Song in Your Heart
Keep the faith my courageous Princesses and forge ahead with a song in your heart. Parkinson’s will add an amazing color to your invisible rainbow. You are currently growing one hellava hue! I always did adore peeps who proudly sport zany rainbows! Shine On Sisters!

2 thoughts on “What I Learned From An Incurable Brain Disease 2

  1. Such wisdom in your words. No one wishes for a disease like Parkinson’s…..but I have gained such gifts from it. Most of all, I am now trying to live life without the burden of fear. Because…life is short, for all of us. What power that unleashes! No longer afraid…to voice my opinion, speak in public, or to just tell someone they’re wonderful.

  2. Without the friends I’ve made via Facebook, Blogs, and websites, I would be alone in my small town. Reaching out has also opened ways for me to reach in. My sister-princess-warrior Parkinwomen keep me joyous, loving, strong. They are the arms into which I fall when I need to howl. If someone offered to take away the PD but also all the astonishingly beautiful growth and connections I have made because of it, I would have a very difficult choice to make. Thank you, Cindy, one more time.

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