raggety-ann573webDec 21, 2013 | By the time you’ve bought the presents for the kids and cousins, filled the stockings, decked the halls, tinseled the house from head to toe, baked for days and loaded the larder, you’ll be lucky if the holidays aren’t already upon you. But for people with PD, there’s more.

We have the chance to bring goodwill and cheer to our heroes of PD caregiving—the doctors who help you monitor your drug dosage, the physical trainers and rehab professionals who patiently help you to keep moving, the people who drive you to your doctor’s appointments, the voice therapists, gait gurus who pull you up on a weekly basis, and the researchers out there trying to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. Then there’s your significant other who has to nod with understanding to acknowledge that they get what you’re talking about when they can’t hear you. Well, you get it.

There’s a very special holiday greeting due each and every one of our PD tribe. We might put it on hold, thinking family first, but you know that our important helpers are exactly the ones we want to celebrate. Even if you can only write a card of thanks, or maybe send a donation on their behalf, or a box of something that says, “I’m thinking of you,” chances are that your holiday season will suddenly be brighter and have a little more meaning.

There’s a bundle of love to be given out there and it’s a good feeling to know that you can give it. Our troubles may not be miles away, but if you say thank you to faithful friends, chances are that you’ll feel just that this is the best season ever to be jolly.

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