blurhat_0094Nov 7, 2013 | by Darcy Blake | It’s a rare that you get to check in after five years for a review of what you have accomplished over that period of time. We got that chance today with the publication of the article about us on http://www.inMenlo.com. Sometimes, when we are caught up trying to find meaning and purpose in life, it is best to just hop in and do the thing that is in front of us; the thing that is asking to be done. That is the case with the Parkinsons’ Women Support. We didn’t give a second thought to founding it when we did it in 2008. We (the founding members) were introduced to each other by Dr. Melanie Brandabur, our esteemed admirer, and we just never stopped meeting each other for lunch every month. We didn’t have an agenda other than to carry on. Carry on we did, and the months turned into years of luncheons, and steadfast support.

With the snap of a finger, five years has gone by, and we are still meeting monthly, with a Facebook page, a blog, a funddraiser, and over a couple hundred friends. It is my sincere hope that we continue to put our heads down with like determination for the next five years. Who knows where this may go, but we may make a difference for a larger good in the PD population. May people with Parkinson’s Disease everywhere find the camaraderie and support that we have in the Parkinson’s Women Support. It is a wonderful breath of fresh air and hope.


Here’s the video version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gaez44eqKk

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