NOV 7, 2013 | by Darcy Blake | Every PD person needs a friend like my friend and co-worker Tina. She is always there for me. When I had DBS surgery, who was the communications conduit between my co-workers and me? Tina. When I returned to work after surgery, but couldn’t drive for 12 weeks, who drove me home from work every day for a month? Tina. Who took me to my follow-up appointment with the Movement Disorder specialist in San Francisco? Tina.  Who comments on my blogs and postings on Facebook, invites me to medical lectures, and brings me paper cuttings on various PD subjects? Tina.

Nothing escapes her when it comes to her friends’ well-being. So when Parkinson’s Women Support decided to hold a Holiday Bazaar, it was not surprising that Tina found out about it.

She headed straight to the store and bought a group of exercise aids that we call the “Work It” kit. It includes a yoga mat, foam roller, 5-pound and 3-pound kettle balls, 6 pairs of exercise socks, and a balance ball. Tina’s gesture is particularly typical of her, because she is a disciplined fitness fanatic by necessity, having had a successful kidney transplant. Fitness is her key to staying healthy.

I’ve added Tina to our list of special friends for whom the Parkinson’s Women Support is so thankful. Her dedication to fitness, and her generosity are an inspiration for people with PD. Whoever eventually gets the “Work It” kit at the Holiday Bazaar will know that it comes with her thoughts of healing through fitness, and that is a powerful windfall of goodness.

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