kona44NOV 4, 2013 | Sometimes we hear about someone who really goes beyond the pack when he really doesn’t have to, all for a greater cause. And in this case, its a PWP male named Brian Lowe. He’s a big fan of the Parkinson’s Women Support group and he recently read on our site about the IDEO Corp wanting to interview some PWPS (our October 18 post on Facebook). https://www.facebook.com/pages/Parkinsons-Women-Support/121474951248509?ref=hl

So he signs up and he gets paid $150 for some “fun interviewing” as he calls it. Now most people would tuck that check into their pocket and spend it on cupcakes and a weekend of take-out, or a few bottles of Prosecco, or maybe a new sweater for the holidays. But Brian, being that special kind of guy he is, donates the same amount to the Parkinson’s Institute in the name of Parkinson’s Women Support and their Holiday Bazaar! Brian is an example of a mensch in any language, but particularly, for Parkinson’s Women Support. Brian, you may be outnumbered by women in our group, but you are a welcomed guest to our lunch table any time. Thank you so very much for your generous and unexpected gift.

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