JUNE 25, 2013 | by Darcy Blake | Oh boy, don’t get us started. Who doesn’t have a few other pesky symptoms besides the standard shake, freeze, or shuffle that we all associate with Parkinson’s Disease. That may be a unanimous “yes” at the lunch table.

All those nasty annoyances such as urinary urgency, shoulder pain, gastronintestinal discomfort and constipation with a capital “C,” are not luncheon-friendly, except when you are with us. Yes, we will jump right into discussing them over Chinese chicken salad and pot stickers, because it is better to get the frustrations acknowledged than to sit in the corner suffering.

These non-motor symtoms are a drag on a good day, and they are sometimes more bothersome than PD itself. So this article is received by us with gratetful appreciation. Dr. Vaou, we love that you lay it all out for us. Yes, we know the symptoms well. No, we aren’t neurotic, we’re right on target!

Many thanks to author/physician Okeanis Vaou, MD, Neurologist, Movement Disorder and Sleep Specialist, Noran Neurological Clinic PA, Minneapolis, MN. You’re most knowledgeable, and we value that you’ve taken the time to thoroughly describe the range of problems that we may face. Now that we’ve got it in writing, and we know that we’re not hypochondriacs, pass the bread basket, please, and let’s order lunch.

Thank you also to our friend, APDA Ctr Coordinator Robin Riddle at the Stanford PD center for sharing this very useful and informative article.


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