2013 PWR! retreat helpers. Joan shared this photo with us.

2013 PWR! retreat helpers. Joan shared this photo with us.

JUNE 19, 2013 | The lunch bunch requested an archive of our luncheon get-togethers so that those who don’t attend the lunches can read up on our chat. Also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Parkinsons-Women-Support/121474951248509 Whatta lunch! A crowd of about 16-ish. We should have had a tape-recorder for the quantity of news on the PWR! retreat.

“I thought it was better than last year’s retreat. Better organized, better hotel, more help, and I got a dystonia issue cleared up with the seemingly simple suggestion of some orthotic inserts in my shoes. Returning next year!”  Joan

“Loved it! I liked the new location. After it was over, I felt ‘freer’ like I was capable of doing more than I thought, and I didn’t have be catagorized as though I were handicapped.”  Pearl

“Enamored with the ‘flow’ workout concept where they were assigned a series of different exercises to be done together. These exercises can be done in different settings, like sitting, standing, etc. so that there is just no excuse for not making the most of movement.”  Susan

“The retreat was incredible. Working with one PT for two of us was great. We need to identify a PT or multiples who would like to get certified by Becky. I am planning on working with my PT, who is in LA. Not practical for most. We need this in the Bay area. Give it some thought!” Laura

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