FEBUARY 2013  Sweet surprises came in February!  Our lunch conversation included tips and tricks, travel plans, a homecrafted surprise made by one of our guests for each of us, a poignant memoiré from a mom & daughter duo and more.

We were surprised to be greeted with personalized hand-sewn name tags made by our friend Alice.

We visited with Joan who offered a great tip if your hand tremor is acting up in public. Mind you, we are not doctors, so this is not medical advice. This is merely hand positioning if one of your hands is shaking more than you’d like. With your hands in your lap, simply gently clasp your fingers together like Joan demonstrates in the photo and gently pull back with your hands ever so slightly so that your hands are just barely thinking about beginning to pull away from each other. Voila! A calming effect!

Sondra read her daughter Lynn’s story about being diagnosed with PD at the very early age of 30. Lynn has a special perserverance that we treasure. The two of them are great inspiration to all of us and we are honored to have their friendship.

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