PD Poster

MARCH 2013  Wrap your brain around a fact straight from Wikipedia: Neurologists complete on average, at least 10–13 years of college education and clinical training. This training includes obtaining a 4-year undergraduate degree, a medical degree (D.O. or M.D.), which comprises an additional 4 years of study, and then completing a 3 or 4-year residency in neurology. The four-year residency consists of one year of internal medicine training followed by three years of training in neurology. Some neurologists complete a one or two-year fellowship after completing a neurology residency in a sub-specialty such as movement disorders. So the next time you see Docs Brandabur, Langston, Liang, Tanner or Tetrud at the Parkinson’s Institute or a movement disorder specialist at Kaiser, Stanford, UCSF, CPMC or wherever, you may want to give them your utmost appreciation for spending at least 13 years in study to help you. Awesome!  ART: CINDY PELUZ

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