pws-7-21-11bMAY 2011  A crowd of our friends trekked to Arizona to try the PWR Retreat. They reported on an incredible experience and the conviction that – with a strong commitment to the right exercise program – they can change their future. There were 28 PD guests at the retreat and their change was remarkable. Our group reported that one woman confined to a walker was able to walk unassisted to get her certificate at the end of the week. It was a lot of exercise – all geared specifically toward PD. It was at a lovely dude ranch outside Phoenix, the food was very good – and the interaction with others with PD was valuable.

Before our friend, Pilates teacher Chrystal Kafka knew she had PD, she saw the immediate effects of exercise on her physical & neurological function. Chrystal says, “Dr. Farley is the only person who has looked at this miracle with intelligence.” http://www3.physiology.arizona.edu/articles/54  Neurofitness & PWR! fitness exercise: http://www.nfnw.org/blog.html

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