APRIL 2011  Check out this beautiful quilt square that Elaine Sulzberger submitted to the Global Parkinson’s quilt project. “I worked on this quilt with five of my friends who either knit or crochet,” said Elaine. “We wanted this quilt to be bright and have interesting texture.” Eventually, this quilt was incorporated with 15 other ones to form the final panels for the Parkinson’s quilt project. For more information, https://www.facebook.com/ParkinsonsQuilt

The Parkinson’s Quilt Project was the first global quilt project to focus the world’s attention on the nearly one million people in the US and seven to 10 million people worldwide living with Parkinson’s. The project aimed to raise awareness of the impact that the disease has on people living with Parkinson’s – along with their families, caregivers and friends – and on our continued urgency to find a cure.

The Quilt gives people all over the world the chance to express their support of people living with PD and highlight their connection to the disease by adding their own personalized panel. You did not need to be a sewing expert to create a panel for the quilt. Paint, needlework, iron-on transfers, fabric markers or even spray paint were allowed.

Dr. Melanie Brandabur, Clinic Director at the Parkinson’s Institute said, “It was lovely to see this beautiful piece, and several others from people I know, at the World Parkinson’s Congress in Glasgow last fall.”

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